5 Ways That Team Building Events Improve Your Business

team building events

Team building events have been commonplace in the professional world for some time, but many businesses still don’t invest in them. If you’re running a business, it can be difficult to justify the expense of organising this kind of activity, especially if your staff already appear to be getting the job done. 

However, even if your employees are good at doing their jobs, team building events could help them perform even better. If your business requires staff members to collaborate often, then you stand to gain a lot by investing in their development as a group.

Here’s a breakdown of the five ways that team building events improve your business.

They improve communication

Team building events help your staff to communicate better with each other. This improved communication will lead to a more efficient workplace and fewer misunderstandings.

While many staff members may be friends and communicate daily in the office, they can only learn so much about each other in this environment. When you take them out of their usual circumstances, your staff will get to connect in more ways and become better at working together.

They improve morale

Team building events can also help to improve morale in the workplace. If your staff are happy, they’re more likely to be productive.

The best activities (like escape rooms or camping trips) are also fun distractions from the regular 9-5. Using company time to give your staff a break will make them appreciate being a part of the business, which has a flow-on effect of helping them collaborate better.

They foster a sense of team spirit

Team building events help your staff work together more effectively and feel like they’re part of something larger. This feeling is essential for businesses that rely on collaboration to get the job done.

After all, people who don’t really care about the bigger picture aren’t going to be very good employees.

They help you attract new staff

Investing in team building events can also help you attract new staff to your company. If potential employees see that your staff members enjoy working together and value collaboration, they’re more likely to want to work for you.

Of course, potential hires will also see that these activities are part of the norm of working for you, and this could push them to accept your offer over competitors. Even if another business offers them a slightly higher salary, a great work culture that values its employees and how they work together can be much more attractive.

They can help market your business

Team building events are also a great excuse to post on social media channels and show people that your business knows how to have fun and values the human element that makes everything work.

People like to work with and buy from businesses that they feel are staffed by real people they can relate to. This can go a long way in helping you to avoid your business being perceived as a faceless organisation that only cares about money.

How do you find the right idea?

While it’s easy to understand why team building events are beneficial for your business, it can be difficult to know which one to go with. Activities can range from simple group lunches to elaborate camping trips.

Whatever you go with, it should be paid for by you for the benefit of your employees and be convenient for them to attend. It’s a good idea to openly discuss different ideas with your staff to find out what they would like to do and balance that with your budget.

As you can see, team building events can provide a long list of benefits to your business.

How Young Applicants Know if Helicopter Pilot Training is Right For Them

Young man taking helicopter pilot training courses

Some participants decide to sign up to helicopter pilot training later in life.

Once they have worked regular jobs or have found the money and time to explore new options, then they want to chase their dreams and fly for a living.

Yet this is not a profession that should be limited to older members.

The key for young individuals is following through on the right steps to best prepare them for the journey ahead.  

We will look at the ways in which young applicants can find out if helicopter pilot training courses are right for them. 

Take a Trip Inside a Helicopter 

One of the first steps that any young citizen can take before they embark on helicopter pilot training courses is to fly in one as a passenger. There are dozens and dozens of these outlets across state lines with many practitioners based in metropolitan regions like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. Once they can see how they operate in real time and what the sensation is like, it is easy to take the concept from a theoretical one to reality. 

Talk to Experienced Pilots 

For those who do take the step to fly as a passenger before they approach helicopter pilot training, then they will have the opportunity to talk with a professional about the practice. What was their main takeaway from the journey? Do they have tips and advice to pass on about what kind of course they attended and how they managed to transition from amateur to specialist operating pilot? Those types of discussions are very beneficial because they help to separate fact from fiction

Examine Procedures Online 

Aspiring young helicopter pilots won’t need any extra encouragement to run online searches to see what kind of procedures are involved. Programs recognise that their website, their social media profile and app integration allows members to watch videos, read articles, listen to podcasts and track what kind of expectations they can have ahead of time. If these brands afford that type of digital communication and content, why not take advantage? 

Assess Quality of Training Outlets 

A benefit of undertaking that online search regarding helicopter pilot training is that participants can see how these programs and outlets rank amongst each other. This will depend on their location, their resources and if they are developed around public or private protocols, but many of the same principles apply. Do they rate well out of 5 stars? Do they receive warm recommendations and have extensive networks domestically and overseas? See what others say about their service first. 

Develop a Target for Private or Commercial Flying 

There are unique properties involved when it comes to commercial vs. private helicopter pilot training courses. The provisions and requirements are unique as aeronautical proficiency, training syllabus, flight examinations and flying hours are customised to meet the licence demands. Young applicants are encouraged to have an idea about what avenue they want to explore in this setting, although there will be time down the line to change course and adapt the licence according to their personal career objectives. 

Willingness to do the Hard Work  

The good news for young people who have helicopter pilot training in their sights is that they don’t have to remove all of their other commitments. This is something that can be complemented with other studies and career responsibilities. With this being said, this is not a course that can be quickly engaged. Participants will need to learn the theory and undertake the necessary hours before they are ready to qualify for their licence. The use of at-home training techniques is also part of the package, ensuring that they are ready for the subtle movements of the cyclic control.