Rock on, Children without the Ads

(Source: Leader Newspaper)


Sarah Morrissey was fed up with radio stations exposing her two children to junk food ads and expletive-laden songs - so she created her own.


Little Rockers Radio is an online radio station for children up to age six, and averages 35,000 to 40,000 listener sessions a month.


The East Benteligh mum wanted no ads to stop children being manipulated and parents pestered.


Im insanely passionate about children's health and I hate junk food advertising being directed to kids, " said Ms Morrissey, a marketing manager in health and fitness.


"Kids dont understand advertising. They dont know things are marketed to them.


They just hear nice colourful tunes on the radio.  Pester power is very strong."


Ms Morrissey, mumto Jackson, 8 and Grace, 6 also wanted parents to be able to switch on the radio without fear of exposing their kids to expletive-filled lyrics.


On Little Rockers Radio, four animal characters present shows all day with songs, nursery rhymes, jokes, stories, yoga and meditation, while lullabies play all night to settle babies and toddlers.


"I also play older songs like Happy Little Vegemites and Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, and parents love hearing them and talking to thier kids about them." Ms Morrissey said.


Visit or download the smartphone app.


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