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If you simply don't have the time to keep up to date with HR legislations, HR policies and procedures, we can help you with this pressure. You may already know that some of your existing HR policies and procedures may not match your businesses current needs, or they could be unclear, out-of-date or non-compliant with current changes in awards and legislation.


Capaciti can look after all this for you.


These HR policies and procedures establish and document the terms of employment, expectations, code of conduct, standards and responsibilities, but as a business owner do you really have time or the knowledge to understand what is right and what needs to be updated?


At Capaciti, we love getting into the nitty gritty of HR policies and procedures and we will make sure that your HR policies and procedures are specifically matched to your business. When up to date and written specifically for your business, these policies and procedures guide management and staff through the actual application of HR policies and are also proof that your business has taken significant steps to minimise business and legal risks, unlawful practice or unwanted behaviour.  You can see why these policies and procedures are so very important.


We will partner with you to review, draft and integrate your individual HR policies and procedures for both new and existing businesses. These HR policies and procedures help staff to understand how a business operates and what is expected of staff.  


If you dont need the customisation, Capaciti has made it easy where you can also purchase a HR Manual with standard HR policies and procedures or individual HR documents by sending us an email at


We also have a 'HR Manual for startups' who have recently commenced thier businessess and want to hire and engage the best talent in the industry.


HR Policies, HR Procedures, HR Letters, HR Checklist and HR Forms that Capaciti can provide


Recruitment, Selection and Induction

  • Recruitment and selection policy and procedure
  • Privacy of data policy and procedure
  • Position description form
  • New hire approval form
  • Managers guide on 'How to conduct a behavioral STAR interview'
  • Managers guide on 'How to conduct a successful interview'
  • Interview assessment form
  • Interview questionnaire
  • Employment reference form
  • Reject letter to candidates 
  • Offer letter for employment
  • Employment contract for permanent full time or part time staff 
  • Employement contract for casual staff
  • Contract for hiring sub contractors
  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement
  • New employee bank details form
  • New employee personal details form
  • New employee emergency contacts details form
  • New employee medical emergency details form
  • Social club enrolment form
  • New employee induction procedure 
  • New employee induction checklist
  • New employee induction program form

Training, Development and Succession Planning

  • Training and development policy and procedure
  • Study leave policy and procedure
  • Training needs analysis form
  • Approval for training program form
  • Training Evalution form
  • Succession planning form
  • Workforce skills shortage form

Performance Management and Termination of Employment 

  • Managing staff performance policy and procedure
  • Qualifying period performance appraisal form
  • Qualifying period endorsement form
  • Annual performance appraisal form
  • Poor performance and conduct interview form and flowchart
  • Poor performance and conduct warning letter 1
  • Poor performance and conduct warning letter 2
  • Managers guide on 'How to handle difficult discussions related to poor performance or conduct'
  • Managers guide on 'How to conduct a qualifying period performance appraisal review'
  • Managers guide on 'How to conduct an annual performance appraisal review'
  • Managers guide on 'How to set up key performance indicators (KPI) for each position'
  • Managers guide on 'How to handle difficult discussions during performance appraisal reviews
  • Termination of employment letter during probation
  • Termination of employment letter after probation

Conditions of Employment

  • Annual Leave, Personal Leave, Parental Leave policy and procedure
  • EEO policy and procedure
  • Anti harrassment and discrimination policy and procedure
  • Grievance Handling policy and procedure
  • Investigation Handling policy and procedure
  • Redundancy policy and procedure
  • Change of position letter
  • Salary increase letter
  • Change of wages letter
  • Redundancy notification letter
  • HR metrics and reporting
  • Service award letter


To truly understand what Capaciti can do for you and how we can assist you to streamline or further improve your HR policies and procedures, contact us today on 1300 347 960.