HR Services for Childcare and Early Childhood Education 

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At Capaciti, we absolutely understand that childcare is an essential service for so many working parents in Australia and they want to be sure that their children are receiving the best possible care. The core differentiators between childcare centres are the quality and competencies of your early childcare educators and kindergaten teacher. It?s important to remember that happy staff leads to happy children and parents.


When it comes to finding the best staff for your childcare centre, don?t waste time with endless interviews, reference and qualification checks. The last thing you need is the distraction of administrative burden and managing the HR processes that allow you to compete for and retain top talent. This is where Capaciti HR Consultant can help you with.


We are one of the premiere childcare human resources management experts and have specialist knowledge of the early education sector. We understand what you need from your staff. We specifically look for candidates that are well versed in evidence-based practice with a deep understanding of early childhood techniques. We have been assisting Centre Owners, Managers and childcare staff since 2012 and have the experience to ensure that you hire the right staff and your existing staff are happy in the amazing job that they do each day. 


Our HR consultants understand the practical HR needs and uniqueness of this sector and can tailor a HR solutions to suit your childcare centre. So what benefits can Capaciti provide for your childcare centre?

  • Higher and consistent productivity from your Educators at your centre
  • Happier children and Parents
  • Reduced staff issues
  • Better engagement and communciation between the Educators and Parents

With our specialised HR policies and procedures, we are here to assist you and your childcare centre to continually stay ahead of the ever changing laws and regulations that govern your industry and the National Quality Framework.


Let us help you to hire, develop and retain a happy and healthy team of early childhood educators, increase your centre's overall rating and enhance your child - parent satisfaction.


The Capaciti approach to Childcare HR


At Capaciti, we give you the opportunity to take a strategic approach to HR, accessing best practice processes and systems in a cost effective manner for your childcare / early childhood centre. In fact, we can help ensure your centre?s HR process is compliant and operating in the most efficient way possible.


If you need specialist HR support at your childcare centre, we are here to assist you with:

  • HR polices and procedures manual for your Childcare Centre
  • Ongoing advice and support to manage staff issues
  • Custom HR coaching programs for staff and directors

Call us on 1300 347 960 to find out what we can do to make your childcare centre the #1choice for staff, parents and families.