The key benefits that you will enjoy as our Client: 

Major Savings

We save Australian businesses, on averarge, more than 50% of their current staffing costs for any given role – costs that can be transformed into savings, to increase profits or re-invest in your business to make it grow.


Onshore Support from our Australian Team

Our Australian team is always available to support you.


Skilled, Experienced, Quality Offshore Staff

Only Manila's most highly-qualified and experienced staff will be considered as potential recruits for your positions. Forget the headache of sifting through reams of candidate resumes and let us provide a short-list of the best for you to choose from. Capaciti will oversee a comprehensive induction for your preferred recruit(s) so that your requirements are met efficiently and effectively from the word “GO”.


Stringent Information Security

Our stringent 'lock-down' policies on data storage at our offshore office in Manila ensures your business information is fully protected. Access to data is limited to authorised users only, meaning you can have peace of mind.

Who's the Boss?

You are directly involved in the final selection of the offshore staff you want to hire. Capaciti are always available to lend a hand if you need it. Otherwise, we'll let you take the driver’s seat when it comes to your offshore assistant’s daily tasks, performance and output.

Scalable and Flexible - The Sky's the Limit

You can hire any number of offshore assistants according to your business needs, whether employed on a full time, part time or project basis. We offer scalable and flexible options to match your requirements. This allows you the freedom to cherry-pick roles, enabling your company to be more agile and competitive.


Getting Started is Easy

Capaciti ensures a swift response to your needs, setting you up with the best offshore assistants for your business. From analysing your current staff needs to handling international contracts, we provide everything you need from start to finish. This means you can stay focused on your business, maintain day-to-day service delivery and strategise how you will make the most from the benefits of hiring an offshore assistant.