Case study - STA Traffic Management and Capaciti

Low cost staff: AutoCAD Designer / Traffic Planner 


 STA Case Study


Our Client

STA Traffic Management is a Melbourne-based traffic management and control company, currently owned by J.P Cellier.

They provide and implement high-quality traffic control plans for roadworks and construction projects across Victoria.


In the five years that J.P. has been the Managing Director of this enterprise, his mission has been to offer clients a level of premium service delivery with an unrivalled safety record. This commitment to customers has been key to the company’s success in recent years. Building STA’s growth and reputation has not come without its challenges and J.P. summed these up as follows:



The growth of the company had put increased pressure on existing staff to juggle a number of different duties that ultimately reduced their ability to execute STA’s core competency i.e. delivering consistent, high quality traffic management/control plans for clients. STA required a highly qualified and talented construction design staff member, responsible for drawing up and delivering these traffic control plans. The cost however, of hiring an additional onshore staff member with the qualifications and experience to carry out this task was prohibitive. As a result, STA’s response time to clients’ orders was becoming longer, while sales and overall productivity began to decrease and impact upon the profitability of the company overall.


Having approached Capaciti for an initial consultation, J.P. contracted us to provide him with a solution to STA’s challenges – here’s what we provided.



Beginning with a business review of STA’s business operations, Capaciti consultants identified where exactly the solution could be implemented and recommended hiring a highly qualified offshore staff member for the job.


Having prepared a position description of the task at hand, Capaciti recruited an AutoCAD Designer / Traffic Planner with extensive experience in construction design. Capaciti then provided induction training as well as ongoing support to STA in overseeing a seamless transition from local to offshore staff implementation – with no adverse effects on existing service delivery.


Part of this was the introduction and implementation of work process and project management tools for both STA and the new offshore AutoCAD staff member – ensuring business objectives were clearly communicated and goals achievable.



Short-term: the company began to benefit immediately from having a highly qualified and experienced AutoCAD Designer with a corresponding drop in staffing costs of $70,000 per annum.


Long-term: Local staff could respond more efficiently to client orders; their tasks were refocused back to their original business objectives while the offshore AutoCAD Designer took on the detailed work of traffic plan design duties and overall productivity and profitability increased dramatically. All of the above have allowed its owner J.P. to develop and further grow STA.


Client Testimonial


STA and Capaciti AutoCAD Designer Traffic Planner


"By using Capaciti to outsource this function of the company, STA has been able to create major savings as well as the breathing room needed to expand the business the way I had always envisioned"


J.P Cellier.

Director at STA Traffic