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Kool Kidz on Taylors


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'Kool Kidz on Taylors' is one of three premium childcare and kindergarten facilities run as part of the “Kool Kidz” franchise. Catering to children aged eight weeks to Kindergarten-level, the 'Kool Kids on Taylors' branch was recently acquired by Sheela Edwards and offers excellent resources for children, educators and parents.



When undertaking the management of 'Kool Kidz on Taylors', Sheela encountered challenges that needed remedies, if the franchise was to stay profitable and build the potential for growth. Inefficiencies were numerous and there was a lack of focus on operational necessities. Attempts to fix inefficiencies were met with some resistance from employees – leading to staff unrest and increased staff turnover. Maintaining a close-knit relationship between Kool Kidz staff and parents was critical to the successful running of the business. Staffing issues began to undermine these relationships. As a result, shrinking revenues due to dropping occupancy rates began to occur.



After reviewing critical HR aspects of the business Capaciti provided strategic and operational HR and recruitment advice.


We then set up a performance management and bonus system for Sheela’s staff. This involved:

  • Clearer communication and understanding of each employee’s role and responsibilities;
  • Demonstrating how meeting these responsibilities would contribute to the improved operation of the business; and
  • Providing incentives to staff to meet goals with a customised rewards system.

Furthermore, strategic goals were introduced to the staff for the first time, bringing an organisational focus to the business


Sheela has now reported the following outcomes at her business:

  • Organisational and team goals are being achieved on a regular basis.
  • Staffing issues (and staff turnover) have decreased dramatically.
  • A simpler management system means Sheela can devote more attention to higher-level strategic goals of the business.
  • Kool Kidz staff are more committed and motivated.
  • Relationships with parents are stronger and rising occupancy rates are increasing revenues. 

Client Testimonial 


Kool Kidz on Taylors


“Having made a significant personal investment in 'Kool Kidz on Taylors', I found myself facing the daunting challenge of transitioning staff into a new way of thinking and operating the business. With the help of Capaciti’s HR Specialists though, our employees have a much greater awareness of their role in the business. They’re more motivated than ever, the kids (and their parents!) are happier and I personally am thrilled at the progress we continue to make every day.


Sheela Edwards

Director at 'Kool Kidz on Taylors'





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