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Offshore Staff: Telesales / Event Registration Staff



Creator Tech Case Study


Our Client

Creator Tech is a team of sales and marketing experts that provide strategic and tactical marketing support for clients in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. 



Creator Tech was appointed by - a division of Logitech - to register attendees for a Lifesize breakfast meeting in Sydney, where the company would showcase their HD Video Conferencing technologies to potential customers.

  • Keynote speaker at this event was Andreas Wienfold, Creator Tech’s International Vice President – flying in especially from Germany for the event.
  • With a short lead time, Lifesize tasked Creator Tech to increase the number of attendees at their event. A dedicated Telesales staff member was required to do this, by calling a list of potential attendees, motivating them to attend the event, registering their details and providing a daily record on the status of new registrations from these phone calls.
  • An existing Telesales staff member was not present at Creator Tech. Hiring a new staff member for this project locally (and on contract rates) would have impacted prohibitively on available budget while time pressure was also a serious limitation. 


  • Capaciti sourced, trained and inducted an experienced and enthusiastic Offshore Telesales staff member for this project within the small window of time available. They also deployed a state-of-the-art telephone system with low cost calling rates.
  • The Telesales person undertook an average of 100+ calls per day; spoke to Sydney-based prospects that could potentially benefit from attending the event and succeeded in securing the registrations of a large number of new attendees for this event.
  • The Offshore Telesales staff member also provided daily reporting on new registrations and maintained close liaison with the Creator Tech team in Sydney and Lifesize team in Singapore. 


The Telesales staff member helped Creator Tech increase the number of attendees at this conference, within strictly constrained budgetary and time allowances.


Client Testimonial



"We tasked Capaciti with the challenge of sourcing, recruiting and training an effective Telesales staff  member within a short timeframe. This was our first engagement of offshore staff. We hired Ryan, a bright and skilled Telesales person for this project.  He contacted our prospects and got them on this event within our budgets constraints. We will certainly be engaging offshore staff moving forward."


Steve Mackay



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