Case study - Beechworth Bakery and Capaciti

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Beechworth Bakery Case Study


Our Client

Beechworth Bakery is a chain of Australian bakeries across Victoria and New South Wales. Set up in 1974, the company operates out of six locations and has a dedicated marketing team. Beechworth Bakery prides itself on its traditional heritage, boasting upwards of 227 mouth-watering treats, desserts and signature dishes. Complimenting this offering is a business culture that’s strongly customer-focused, with values emphasising “old-fashioned, friendly and personalised customer service”.



Although customer experience has been a strong focus at Beechworth Bakery, the collection and analysis of this data had taken a back-seat in recent years. As a result, the company’s knowledge and insights into its customers was not where it could (and should) have been.  It was soon realised that a dedicated system was needed to record and manage this information in order to be able to spot any trend/s right away, but budgetary and staff constraints limited this project. Having approached Capaciti for an initial consultation, Lanie contracted them to provide a solution to address these challenges.



After an initial business review, Capaciti recommended the use of customer feedback platforms that were already on the market at a cost to fit their budget. Three products were short-listed and due diligence was undertaken to ensure a match with Beechworth Bakery’s needs. Beechworth’s managerial team were very pleased with this outcome and moved forward. This helped meet the budget, but the staffing problem remained.


To assist, Capaciti recruited and inducted an offshore Data Entry Assistant to maintain the system. The result was a cost-effective solution that enabled the bakery to record, monitor and analyse  customer feedback from all online sources, such as social media and travel websites, as well as offline sources like hardcopy forms, emails and phone calls.  



Short-term: The company immediately saved money by using a Capaciti-sourced software solution instead of developing a costly new system, and by hiring a Data Entry Assistant.


Long-term: Beechworth Bakery can better monitor and respond to customer feedback from multiple channels. Productivity and profitability have improved since the implementation of these measures due to the ability to detect potential problem areas. Through analysing the data for trends, Beechworth Bakery is able to address issues before they become a problem.


Client Testimonial



“Capaciti has helped us achieve our goal of serving our customers better by sourcing an effective customer feedback platform and providing us with a staff to maintain it cost effectively. Overall, we’re in a better position to strategically develop the business than we’ve been before”. 


Lanie Donaldson

Marketing Manager