Case Studies 


At Capaciti, we’ve realised the importance of demonstrating real-life examples of how we help businesses become more profitable with the help of Capaciti staff. The following are examples illustrating how we have provided support to a business that was facing either staffing or cost challenges and how, with Capaciti’s staffing solutions, that company has overcome the challenges.


1. STA Traffic Management  - This case study highlights the cost pressures in the construction design industry and how the hire of an offshore AutoCAD Designer / Traffic Planner reduced this pressure.


2. Xenon Sytems - This case study provides insight into the cost pressures and low budgets in marketing teams. The hiring of a low cost, experienced offshore Graphic Designer / Brand Specialist has provided Xenon with an avenue to complete all its marketing projects within a low budget.


3. Creator Tech - This case study details the benefits of engaging a Telesales Consultant for an event where acute time and budget contstraints were at play from start to finish.


4. Beechworth Bakery - This case study outlines the benifits of implementing an online customer feedback system and hiring an offshore Marketing Assistant staff member to manage the database for the business.


5. Kool Kidz on Taylors - This case study outlines the benifits of engaging HR consultants from Capaciti in the Childcare sector.