Case study - Beechworth Bakery II and Capaciti

Offshore Staff:




The Client


Beechworth Bakery Case Study

After having successfully implemented a new consumer feedback management system, driven by a Manila-based virtual administrative assistant, Beechworth Bakery became more informed about buyer behaviour. This allowed them to deliver products and services aligned more closely with customer spending patterns and resulted in greater productivity and profitability overall.


The Challenges


Having become more tuned-in to customers’ needs from their feedback management initiative, Beechworth Bakery felt that in order to capitalise on this success, they would need to increase their engagement levels with customers. It was decided that the best means of opening a dialogue with consumers would be through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.


However, some factors proved an immediate hindrance to this plan bearing fruit:


  • Lack of expertise in social media platforms required the hiring of a specialist in this field.
  • The labour cost of hiring a social media strategist was beyond Beechworth’s budget
  • Beechworth felt their down-home sense of traditional country fare and "service with a smile" could somehow get lost in translation if employment was contracted overseas


The Solutions


Capaciti proposed the use of a new onshore/offshore model that combined the expertise of a local social media specialist (onshore) together with a cost-effective, Manila-based virtual social media specialist (offshore).


This hybrid proposal would allow the onshore assistant to (i) liaise directly with Beechworth Bakery (ii) scope out their social media needs (iii) create a strategy designed to meet those needs and (iv) develop a social media content calendar to help plan out future engagement activities.


The offshore assistant Capaciti shortlisted was a social media specialist with a wide variety of experience working with social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram. He was selected for his excellent communications skills and the high quality of his portfolio.


Once the strategy was completed and approved by Beechworth Bakery, a handover from the onshore to the offshore assistant was carried out, with the latter now in charge of implementing the social media strategy – including the development of content for Facebook and Instagram, the general administration of these platforms and engagement with visitors and posters to these sites. Extensive guidelines on the tone of content to be developed were provided, along with key themes to explore for content and operating procedures on how best to engage with online consumers.




Critical to the success of this onshore/offshore assistant model was (a) capturing the right tone of content and dialogue required to engage customers online; and (b) ensuring this could be done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Having done this well, Beechworth Bakery has enjoyed the following outcomes:


  • The company’s online presence across social media platforms has grown significantly
  • Engagement with customers through posts such as “Yummo Tip” Tuesdays has proven very popular
  • Beechworth Bakery’s stand-out customer service reputation has gained even greater traction through social media
  • The company’s association with promoting locally-run events across the chain’s six locations has grown brand awareness
  • Overall, Beechworth Bakery’s traditional country fare is now being brought to a market segment that’s (i) new to the company (ii) valued by the company and (iii) that’s continually happy to hit "Like" for the company.


Client Testimonial


Beechworth Bakery’s social media strategy – developed through Capaciti’s onshore/offshore staffing model – was both cost-effective and captured the tone of the online conversation that the company wants to be a part of. We’ve become closer than ever to our customers and continuing to reap the benefits of building these relationships.


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