Who are we and what do we do

 HR Consulting Melbourne



With the ever-increasing cost of staffing in Australia, Capaciti was founded 2012 with the mission to connect and empower employers / decision makers in businesses with highly effective and practical HR and staffing solutions. We have the experience, knowledge and hands on skills to manage all your HR and staffing requirements. This allows you to focus on the growth of your operations, rather than on HR issues and achieve your planned commerical goals.


We deliver best practice HR services to improve your team?s performance, productivity, reduce your cost and increase your bottom-line - its customized, flexible, and a cost effective HR service.


We offer a single point of contact to employers for all their HR needs.


The difference at Capaciti, is that we clearly explain every step taken to empower your business to grow, increase performance, compete and thrive in today?s challenging markets. Its simple and easy.


Knowing us means knowing the difference


Our mission is to ?empower growth in businesses by increasing the performance of people?. We believe that this mission can be applied to all types of staff, individuals, workplaces and businesses, and constraints are only barriers that can easily be broken down, especially in a Human Resources sense.


More recently we have extended our services with career consulting to assist the job seeker understand the benefits of professional career coaching from experienced industry experts. This service is customised to help the job seeker secure their next role in the industry with effective resumes, targeted job search plans and interviewing skills. Through this service we are also supplying relevant skillsets and talent to the various businesses and industry sectors.


Why we do it


We do this in order to share our years of knowledge, experience and expertise in Human resource management, Business, Project Management, Psychology, Human Behaviour and Career Management with our clients. We want to help them achieve their full potential and best outcomes at work and in thier careers.


The values we are committed to


We are committed to, and guided by, the following values in all aspects of work:

  • Integrity and trust in all our interactions
  • Creating a positive experience for all our clients and stakeholders
  • Keeping everything simple and focusing on continuous improvement
  • Embracing diversity as a way for a sustainable future
  • Empowering growth beyond constraints

Today, we are a company dedicated to providing the industry with the latest and best-practice HR and Career solutions ? we work closely with individuals and business owners so they feel empowered to grow and increase thier performance beyond constraints.


If you want increase your performance and growth, make Capaciti a part of your team. Contact us on 1300 347 960 to start your journey.