Case study - Xenon Systems and Capaciti

Low cost Staff: Graphic Designer / Brand Specialist 


 Xenon Case Study


Our Client 

XENON Systems is a Melbourne-based provider of high-performance computing solutions to sectors such as scientific research, defence, manufacturing, meteorology, animation, broadcasting, motor racing, education and telecommunications.  With such a specialist area of expertise forming the bedrock of the business, building strong, long-term relationships with clients has been key to XENON’s development.  And central to initiating and forming these relationships are XENON’s marketing initiatives – headed by the company’s Marketing Manager, Vita Calabrese.



XENON has always operated on a lean, streamlined business model but recently identified marketing challenges (listed below) that were beginning to affect the company’s growth potential: 

  • Budget for carrying out marketing strategy initiatives was strictly limited.
  • Hiring a locally-sourced full-time graphic designer to help implement these initiatives was too costly.
  • An affordable part-time solution was found but work schedules had to be tailored around their availability – not according to business priorities.
  • The company missed some key marketing deadlines and a subsequent changeover in designers created a lack of consistency across marketing deliverables.
  • Overall, XENON was missing a full-time designer that had branding talent and expertise and the business’ brand began to experience the effects of this shortfall.


After an initial consultation between XENON and Capaciti, the following actions were taken in order to achieve an effective solution:

  • Capaciti reviewed the critical aspects of the business and recommended the hiring of a dedicated full-time Branding Specialist/Graphic Designer for XENON.
  • We then examined a number of suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill this role – also scrutinising their portfolios of graphic design work.
  • Capaciti organised a Skype interview between Vita and Raymond – the most talented candidate shortlisted for the position – allowing her to meet him, verify his technical expertise and make sure he had the right personality and attitude for the position.
  • Vita then went on to hire this virtual assistant on a full-time basis and has been working closely with him in delivering a raft of new XENON marketing initiatives.


With this new full-time designer on board, XENON has begun achieving marketing outcomes that are raising the company’s profile and increasing its potential to grow: 

  • XENON has revamped its logo and branding guidelines – creating a stronger, more consistent presence across all new marketing collateral.
  • Vita can now also devote greater attention to more higher-level strategic goals of the business, rather than having to spend energy on day-to-day graphic design tasks as before.
  • Overall, graphic design work is being completed at a much higher turnover rate – productivity has increased significantly with the new full-time graphic designer.
  • The marketing budget has not been adversely impacted by having this cost-effective resource in place and management of the budget has become more efficient overall.

Client Testimonial



"Capaciti helped us overcome the hurdle of finding a talented, full-time graphic designer who could help us reach marketing goals within a tight budget. With our new 'virtual' assistant Raymond on-board, we’ve become better able to meet short-term marketing goals and deadlines as well as re-focus on the company’s more strategic marketing objectives too. We’re in a much stronger position to both implement these initiatives and significantly expand XENON’s horizons as a business overall.


It is a pleasure working with Raymond as he is very professional and reliable. His experience and strong design sense continuously produce innovative concepts. He is able to take a simple idea with little direction and turn it into something special. Raymond’s skills, talents and attitude are exceptional and I look forward to working with him more. A great find!"


Vita Calabrese

Marketing Manager