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JP Cellier - STA Traffic Management

J.P Cellier - Director at STA Traffic Management 

Offshore staff hired: AutoCAD / Traffic Planner  (click here for more details)

“By using Capaciti Pty Ltd to outsource this function of the company, STA has been able to create major savings as well as the breathing room needed to expand the business the way I had always envisioned.”


STA Traffic Management Logo

Lanie Donaldson - Beechworth Bakery

Lanie Donaldson - Marketing Manager at Beechworth Bakery

Offshore staff hired: Social Media Specialist and Marketing Assistant (click here for more details)


“Capaciti helped give Beechworth Bakery a strategic advantage in the market at significantly lower costs than what we’d bargained for. They enabled us to better recognise and respond to our customers’ needs.”


Beechworth Bakery Logo

Vita Calabrese - XENON Systems

Vita Calabrese - Marketing Manager at XENON Systems

Offshore staff hired: Graphic Designer and Adwords Specialist (click here for more details)


“Capaciti helped us overcome the hurdle of finding a talented, full-time graphic designer who could help us reach marketing goals within a tight budget. With our new 'virtual' graphic designer on-board, we’ve become better able to meet short-term marketing goals and deadlines as well as re-focus on the company’s more strategic marketing objectives too.” 


XENON Systems Logo

Sarah Hayden = Jeanswest

Sarah Hayden - Global CRM/Digital Manager at Jeanswest

Offshore staff hired: Digital Designer


“Capaciti gave us a low-cost way to manage resource limitations when we really needed it; they were great to work with, especially is getting established and alleviating any business concerns with using overseas resources.”

Jeanswest Logo

Sheela Edwards - Kool Kidz on Taylors

Sheela Edwards - Founder/Director of “Kool Kidz on Taylors”

HR Consulting services for Childcare centres (click here for more details)

“Having made a significant personal investment in 'Kool Kidz on Taylors', I found myself facing the daunting challenge of transitioning staff into a new way of thinking and operating the business. With the help of Capaciti’s HR Specialists though, our employees have a much greater awareness of their role in the business. They’re more motivated than ever, the kids (and their parents!) are happier and I personally am thrilled at the progress we continue to make every day.


Kool Kidz on Taylors Logo



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